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Festival Information
The Quinte Rotary Music Festival Committee extends a warm welcome to the participants of our Annual Music Festival, their families and friends.

Since the festival's inception in 1968, we have had the privilege of welcoming over 20,000 talented musicians to this competition, some of whom have made music their careers. The talent in the Quinte area is exceptional and we take pride in playing an important part by offering this opportunity to the musicians.

2017 Provincial Music Festival

Congratulations to the following Quinte Rotary Music Festival participants who were recommended by our 2017 Adjudicators to participate in the Ontario Music Festival (OMFA) - May 28 to June 3, 2017.  We are so proud of you!!!  There were close to 1,000 participants from across Ontario who were involved in OMFA this year.



Albert College Grade 7/8 Band - Honourable Mention
Albert College Community Winds - Provincial Finalist
Albert College Jazz Band - 1st Place


Trishna Krishantha, Grade 6 - Provincial Finalist
Ingrid Kao, Grade 6 - Provincial Finalist
Sruthi Amalan, Grade 7 - Provincial Finalist
Bianca Rainville, Grade 8 - Provincial Finalist
Anna Richardson, Grade 8 - Provincial Finalist
Nate Reinert, Grade 9
Jenna Martinello, Grade 9 - Provincial Finalist
Jeanette Huang, Grade 10 - Provincial Finalist
Tabitha Savic, Grade 10 - Provincial Finalist


Jeanette Huang - Violin
Tabitha Savic - Harp, Grade 10


Tina Li - Saxaphone, Grade 6


Tabitha Savic, Diploma - Provincial Finalist
David Savic, Grade 9 - Provincial Finalist

Music Theatre:

David Savic, Senior - Provincial Finalist
Natasha Mullins, Senior
Cynthia Ranjith, Junior - Provincial Finalist
Dhalia Steinitz, Junior - Provincial Finalist
Dante Duffus, Elementary - Provincial Finalist
Payton Denyes, Elementary - Provincial Finalist


For more information on the Provincial Festival, visit www.omfa.info